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The Neptune approach

We have created a culture of investing with conviction and the freedom to go against the grain of conventional opinion.

Fund manager freedom

True active management

We understand that investment benchmarks are essential in helping clients hold investment managers accountable. Sometimes however, investment managers take advantage of benchmarks by "hugging" them, thereby seeking safety in the herd, rather than delivering genuine active management to their clients. We always provide our clients with genuine pure active management and never hug benchmarks as can be seen by our funds' substantial active shares and benchmark "tracking errors".

Tracking error vs. ongoing charge (OCF), Neptune and other IA sector funds

Neptune & Morningstar, February 2018. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Culture of conviction

Our funds typically contain between 20 and 50 holdings compared to 90 for the average active fund

We believe that successful investors must execute their investment ideas with conviction. This means committing enough of the portfolio's capital to an investment idea to give it a chance of having a meaningful impact on the portfolio's performance and giving ideas the time they need to come to fruition. As such, we tend to hold fewer individual companies in our funds and hold them for longer than many of our competitors.

No. of stock holdings, Neptune funds vs. IA sector averages

Neptune & Morningstar, April 2019.

Team-based research

Neptune investment team

We make investments based on our independent "real world" investment research process, in which we go out in the field, meet company management teams and carefully develop an understanding of the markets we invest in. We share and debate our investment research as a team, which means we always challenge our own thinking. 

Robin Geffen

Fund Manager, Founder and CEO

James Dowey

Fund Manager, Chief Economist and CIO

Chris Taylor

Investment Director, Head of Research

Theodora Zemek

Fixed Income Strategy

Mark Martin


Ewan Thompson

Metals and Mining

Thomas Smith

Energy and Utilities

Ruth Chambers

Energy and Utilities

Storm Uru


James O'Connor

Industrials and Materials

Will Geffen


Theo Bache


Jill Carlson

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Alex Paget

Head of Client Investment Strategy

Nick Kavanagh

Portfolio & Risk Analyst